Pilot Levels and Ranks

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The Catalonian Airlines' pilot career goes through a series of steps required to get (and until now achieved ) to be known around as excellent virtual pilots.

The two levels are:

  1. Candidate Pilot (student pilot)
  2. IFR Pilot (instrument flight rules)

Candidate pilots can only use propeller aircraft and certain geographical constraints.

Within the IFR pilots' ranking system are the following ranks:

  1. Propeller Pilots
    • Propeller Second Officer
    • Propeler First Officer
    • Propeller Captain
  2. Jet Pilots
    • Jet Second Officer
    • Jet First Officer
    • Jet Captain

Depending on the achieved rank and whether the achieved international rating, the pilot can fly certain routes.

The student pilot decides which FIR to join when filling the application. Depending on this choice, while holding the ranks of Propeller Second Officer and Propeller First Officer the pilot will develop his activities in Barcelona, Marseille or Rome FIR.

For more information see Chapter 5. "Escales i Nivells de Pilot" of the Internal Regulations (only in catalan. You may use Google Translator).

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