The logo of Catalonian Airlines

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Logotip de cat
This logo is based in a sentence by Ramon Muntaner ((Peralada, Alt Empordà 1265 – Eivissa, 1336), chronist, public worker and soldier of the kings Jaume I and his sons Pere the Great and Jaume II.

In those great years for the Catalan Countries, Ramon Muntaner wrote a phrase which became famous among the territories of the kingdom and which said:

No fish may attempt to jump out of the sea
unless it has in his tail
the sign of the noble king of Aragon and Sicily

This is the reason why our fish (a flying fish – Exocoetus volitans) bears the common sign for the Catalan countries (the four red stripes over a yellow bottom) in its tail.

The star that the fish is chasing has the same meaning as the stars depicted in the flags of some states and countries without state.

The dessign of the logo of Catalonian Airlines belongs to Lluís del Cerro and Olga Palma (all rights reserved).

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